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MARC Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club - Since 1992 -
 Dedicated to Providing Safe, Reliable Two-Way, Two-Wheel Charity Event Communications
Why I Became a MARC Member!

I joined MARC because of my love for Motorcycles and Amateur Radio.  What better way to enjoy the best of both worlds.  With all the technical knowledge as well and 
having another GREAT family to be there when you need them.  This is what life is about, helping others.  
          -- N6USO, La Verne, CA

I joined M.A.R.C. is because Ted Moody KB6CUS told me I had to…NAW, really, it is a great way to combine to of the most expensive hobbies other than boating and get your money’s worth of fun and enjoyment. 
          -- N6LMO, Point Fermin, CA
A better question for me is; "Why did I form MARC?" 

Well, actually I didn't, but I was one of the three who conceived the idea, and carried out the concept.

It all started when a few of us were helping the MS-150 on their, "Bay to Bay," MS-150. We were doing it with CB's, and were totally frustrated with the lack of communication, both with the organizers, and bike to bike. In a conversation after the event, while complaining about the poor communications, someone said, "why don't you get your ham radio license and get connected?" Boy, connected we did get.

De Witt Morgan, KM6UK, of Mission Viejo, CA-USA, Ray Davis, KD6FHN, Irvine, CA-USA, and Danny Velderrain, KD6FLP, Orange, CA-USA, now living in Arizona, were the three who conceived this idea. (I listed me first because I wrote this!!!) 

What you see now, the GREAT on-board radio communications, came through years of trial and error, frustration, and expense. MANY radios, The first radio tried was a Radio Shack HTX-202, hand held, antennas, mounting systems, mic systems, were bought, tried, tested, discarded, with the frustration of "getting it just right." I think we done good. The systems of today are outstanding!!

MARC has become the premier amateur radio/motorcycle club in the world. Our "hobby" has helped earn for charity, over 31,000,000, (yes that is millions) charity dollars in the 13 plus years that we have been enjoying our hobby. We started out with 8 members in the local Orange County area, and now have chapters, and members in several states, and 3 foreign countries, which includes our parent country, England.

Thanks to dedicated people like you, who may be reading about us for the first time, "Come on in, the comradery is GREAT!!!"
          -- KM6UK, Mission Viejo, CA < Article >
Way back in the beginning (Aug 1992), a person named Ray KD6FHN and Ron WB6ZEI approached Ron Ames WB6RSD to ask if he (Ron Ames) thought it would be alright to hold a net on Wednesday evenings to talk to a few of their friends and make sure that their equipment was working properly.  

The first MARC Net ever, was held Wednesday night, the first week of Nov 1992.  Being we were in Ron's company, he thought it would be a logical idea that we also join MARC.  That's how we became involved in MARC and MARC has become an extended member of our family and we Love you all.
          -- KC6ZSH, Hesperia, CA
Current Members:  
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MARC meets the second Saturday of every month (except for July or unless there is a support event), the next Meeting is December 9, 2017 (there is no meeting in July) at the Home Town Buffet, 1008 E. 17th Street, Santa Ana, CA.  The meeting will start at 8am and complete at 10.  The restaurant opens at 8am.  Everyone is welcome.

The Home Town Buffett requires that all persons purchase breakfast or drinks, otherwise they charge MARC for use of the room.  It is good food and great company!

Remember that the local Southern California Members meet at Huntington Honda on Saturday mornings from about 9 to 10:15, they follow up with Breakfast at Woodys just down the street.

Upcoming events:  As dates for 2017 become firm they will be posted.  Make sure everything is working as it should.

Reminder please support the ALERT / BARN radio systems, without them MARC could not do the charity events that we support.  The Annual Dues need to be given to Ray by the March Meeting.  Contact Ray to support the systems.

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