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 Dedicated to Providing Safe, Reliable Two-Way, Two-Wheel Charity Event Communications
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The President’s Corner

John F. Reynolds, W5JFR

MARC President:  Jan. 1999-Current

16 Sep 09


     Welcome to my corner of the MARC Web Page.   I am John F. Reynolds.  I have been President of MARC since January 1999.  I have also been the voice of MARC net control since 1999.  I currently reside in Rialto, California.  My Ham Radio call is W5JFR.

     I am originally from New Mexico, but as a youngster, my family moved to Southern California where I lived in Maywood, Bell, Huntington Park, Escondido and Pacific Beach.  I returned to Socorro, New Mexico to finish high school and enrolled at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. 

     It seems that higher education didn’t work out for me at that time, so, at the age of eighteen, I enlisted in the United States Air Force.  My first fourteen years service was as an Air Policeman (Security Police as it is now called), both Law Enforcement and Security.   The remaining six years, prior to my retirement as a Master Sergeant, was as an Education and Training Specialist/Superintendent.   While in the Air Force, I was fortunate and traveled to many parts of the world to include France where I met and married my wife, Marie-Josèphe.

     Presently, I am enjoying my retirement from the Air Force and the General Electric Company.  There, I was employed as a maintenance electrician and environmental health and safety technician.

     I have been a member of MARC since 1992.   As a MARC member, I have participated in numerous charity events to include coordinator and assistant coordinator for the Love Ride, coordinator for the Baker to Las Vegas Relay Race, and coordinator for the Inland Empire Tour de Cure for the American Diabetes Assn.

     I presently own a Metallic Yellow 2001 Goldwing, the cycle was purchased from Chuck, KG6NJP, in the fall of 2006, an upgrade from the 1997 Goldwing SE which I previously owned. The motorcycle is basically stock, except for a luggage rack which has been added to accommodate antennas for communication.

      I have been a General Class operator since May of 2000, and obtained my original Technician license in September of ‘92.  Presently, I have a Kenwood D700A mounted on my motorcycle.  The radio is mounted in the trunk and the control head is remote, mounted between the faux gas tank and the ignition switch, which allows for easy control of the radio while riding.  My head set is a standard J & M headset fit inside a Nolan N102 flip front helmet and modified to interface with the Kenwood radio.  It works quite well, as many people have told me that they cannot believe that I am transmitting from a motorcycle.  I normally use a Comet HP-32FHN high gain/high power antenna (lovingly referred to as the “Rhino Killer”). However, when on MARC events requiring a slightly higher gain antenna, I change to a Comet SBB7 for a bit more range.  The Kenwood D700a is connected to the Honda radio system with a Kennedy FRS communications set.   By using an APRS system, I can be tracked during our MARC events at http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/find.cgi?call=w5jfr-10.

      My wife’s name is Marie-Josèphe, or Mijo, as she prefers to be called.  Her call is KF6BEB.  She is the 50-50 person at our monthly MARC meetings and also helps to coordinate our door prize giveaways and “Special Drawings”.  She was born in St. Mihiel, France.  I met her when I was stationed there, about a mile from her house.   We were married in 1966 and have two children. Our daughter Jean, a graduate of Cal State San Bernardino and Loyola School of Law, is presently a Research Attorney with the Fourth District Court of Appeals in Riverside, California.  Our son John C. also a graduate of Cal State San Bernardino is employed by the county of San Bernardino as a Systems Analyst in the Veterans Affairs office..  Mijo, is also a graduate of Cal. State San Bernardino and a retired teacher.  She taught French I, II, III and IV, quite a challenge.  

     I am looking forward to many more years with MARC and to cycling with a ham radio on my Goldwing.  I also look forward to hearing from you on the e-mail network.

John F. Reynolds, President 



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