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Drew Pushie, VE6HGW 
MARC Calgary, Alberta Canada

Nov 10, 1997

As I tell our kids, I'm half of 94 years old. That may sound a lot older than 47 but somehow along with the fact that "I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up" it helps to keep me thinking young. I think. Someday I wish my memory would cooperate more. My wife Aline and I have three girls; Renée and Danielle are twenty two (yes, they're identical twins) and Erinn is sweet sixteen. Aline is a Registered Nurse currently working part time on the intensive care neurology unit at Foothills Hospital. Renée and Danielle are living separately and on their own now in Calgary. Erinn is in grade eleven and really busy with the school bands and the Calgary Stampede Show Band. She now has her learner's permit and will no doubt be getting her driver's license soon. Erinn wants to ride a motorcycle and I have a '76 Sportster in the garage just waiting for her. As a family we enjoyed camping and drag around a holiday trailer for vacations often going to the States for various reasons which include attending Studebaker car meets. The Studebaker hobby has taken a back seat for several years since I bought my 85 Gold Wing GL1200. 

In 1995 Aline and I did a four day trip on the Wing and actually tented for the first time in over twenty years. We had a terrific time even though we had lots of rain one of the days and severe fog on Logan's Pass MT. Could a Kwik Kamp Tent Trailer be in the works? No...We've decided that we like motels much more. As a matter of fact we sold the GL1200 and bought a '89 GL1500 and took it on a motel trip to Alaska in 1996. We've since sold the Wilderness holiday trailer and have a Terry Resort holiday trailer permanently parked on a lot by Sinclair Creek in Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia. Radium is only three hours from Calgary and just over an hour away from Kimberly BC where the 98 Three Flags terminates. 

I dropped out of university way back and became an air traffic controller. That lasted for a total of five years. The last two or so were spent fighting medical review boards and such, as I became diabetic. Finally I left ATC and started a new career working in a large data centre with a major oil company, Imperial Oil (part of Exxon). Twenty two years later I'm still with the same company but have moved from the Data Centre to supporting PC's and for the last seven or so years to Building Facilities Management looking after renovations, employee moves, security, maintenance and so on. 

My Mom and Dad bought me a used Honda 90 when I was in High School and I've had a bike of some sorts ever since. My fondest memories of biking in the old days was during university when I had a 1966 BSA Spitfire Mark II Special. I have a 1976 Sportster that I sometimes ride to work or bomb around town on. Even after I first bought my Sportster I wanted a "Real Harley" until I rode on a Wing. Quiet, comfortable and reliable highway cruising on a Wing is for me but now and then I have to make lots of noise and tear around a little on the Sportster. As for someday owning a "Real Harley", no thanks. I'm saving for a new SE. 

Ham radio is something I've always wanted to do. I still have the 1975 Ham Study Guide I bought and never used. What really got me going is a contact in the Gold Wing Road Riders Association, Ron Leech. The story goes like this: I was shopping around for an "after market seat" for the Sportster as Aline hates that skinny uncomfortable seat. I figured that if I bought a more comfortable seat for the Sportster Aline and I would do more riding together. Well I bought an 85 Gold Wing instead (great seat). This happened on Friday June 16, 1994 which happened to be the day before Renée and Danielle's birthday. The next day I unveiled "the new seat" to the family. Was that a lot of fun or what...While cruising the bike shops that same day I found out about GWRRA. I phoned their "ride line" and went to their breakfast on Sunday. Monday was their monthly meeting which Aline and I attended. The special presentation that meeting was arranged by Ron on Ham radio. Aline and I met lots of great people at that meeting and have been very active with GWRRA Chapter "AB-A" ever since. Those four days were like a whirlwind. I enrolled in a special ham course that Ron arranged in January 95 and received my basic license in March. VE6HGW is a bit of a tongue twister but easy to remember (Honda Gold Wing). I took a code course in the fall of'96 and have my five words per minute endorsement. I probably won't shoot for the twelve wpm until I get an HF rig and get some practical code experience. I've mounted a Kenwood 742A dual bander in my right saddlebag with the face plate mounted in a water resistant cover on a home made stainless steel bracket between the handlebars. I used Carroll Walker's schematics to fix up a PTT, second set of helmet speakers and boom microphone. I have installed a switch between the boom mic and DTMF mic and another switch between the helmet speakers and fairing speakers. My ham system is isolated from the AM/FM, CB and intercom. 

Well I think that's about it for now. Safe riding, clear frequencies and "73 eh" from Canada. 




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