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Member Profile / Biography 
Bob Hinshaw, N6UK
MARC Member
March 13, 2007  

Born in Calif in 1951, I first became interested in radio sitting on my grandfater’s knee listening to shortwave in the 1950’s.

I have lived in So Cal most of my life, and became an officer for the Los Angeles Police Dept in 1973.

In 1979, I thought it would be a better plan to move to Oregon and be in a greener part of the country, and somewhere to raise my three daughters. While there I learned that there is not much to do during the 9 months of rain each year, and had become frustrated with the garbage that was CB then. I had thought about trying Amateur radio in 1978 while still in So. Cal, but the wife at that time would not think about it, which was the main reason for having the ham radio. But while in Oregon, a local General class ham put on a Novice class at the local high school. Several months later I got my first call (a KA7---) but had no radio. Several months later a Heathkit HW-8 kit was in my hands, and the building began. With 3 watts and a simple key I was on the air, QRP. I worked most of the US and into Asia & Australia, earning my 1000 Miles per watt award, working into Australia on 3 watts.

While in Oregon I upgrade to Tech, while attempting for more HF bands, by missing the code. My next attempt upgraded to General and Advanced that same day, and became KC7SF, King Charlie 7 Super Fuzz, as I was also a cop in Oregon. HF has always been my first love in Ham Radio, even though VHF-UHF has been very useful.

In 1972 shortly after marrying my first wife, I bought my first motorcycle, a Honda CB125. After 11,000 mile of surface street riding on this somewhat underpowered bike, I moved up to a CB360. This lasted until 1976 when I moved 50 miles from Los Angeles, and needed a bigger commute motorcycle. I moved up to a CB750K. That bike didn’t last very long for the long commutes between Norco and Los Angeles, and I moved out of Calif in 1979 without a motorcycle.

When I was in the Honda showroom at the time I bought my 1976 CB750, there was a NEW Goldwing sitting right next to it. I hemmed and hawed about the choice of which bike to buy. The frugal side won out, and I took the CB750. I kicked myself for years afterwards, as the Goldwing that I ALMOST bought was one of the special edition models that each US dealership only got one of. I understand those bikes now sell for more than they did brand new.

While in Oregon, the motorcycle bug bit again, and a new 1980 Honda CB750 was my new ride. Yes I rode in the rain, lots of rain!! I drove to Portland to take a basic rider course, finishing Sunday afternoon, and began my 200 mile ride home, just as it started to rain. It didn’t let up all the way home.

In 1982 I returned to Calif, and in 1984 obtained my Extra ticket, while holding off on the extra call for another year before I became WD6L.

The 1980 CB750 lasted for a couple more years, until spinal problems and eventual surgery in 1984 took me off my motorcycle. I finally sold the bike, with great regret.

After returning to Calif and starting a long commute once again averaging 2 hours per day, I became active on HF while mobile. First it was a converted CB to 10 Meter SSB, which was at the top of the solar cycle, and worked extremely well. I eventually obtained a full power, all band mobile HF radio and became more and more involved in HF mobile operation. While making those long commutes I eventually worked over 200 countries mobile with 100 watts, and bands from 10 – 160 meters. I now have a desire to work HF mobile from the Goldwing.

In 2007 I retired from Los Angeles Police Dept with more than 30 yrs, with the last 18 yrs being a traffic collision investigator.

In 2003, after going through a divorce after 29 yrs, I got the bug again for motorcycling. On Jan 3, 2003 I walked into the Honda Dealer looking at the Goldwing, and drove home on my 2003 Red Goldwing/ABS. (After 18 yrs of accident investigation, there was no way I was going to get a Goldwing WITHOUT ABS.) I have since added 2/440 radio to the bike along with several other additions to make “Big Red” my own special bike.

In 2004 I married my new wife Sandra (KB6IFU), and life has never been better.

Bob – N6UK


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