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John Beckwith, N6JCB 

1 Oct 2006

Greetings, I got my license in 2000 though I was a Coast Guard Radioman a long, long time ago for a brief time. Finished radioman school in Groton , Connecticut in June, 1967 and was stationed on the USCGC Glacier (Icebreaker - you could have guessed....) However - only a month later was sent of to flight school to fly helicopters. So my experience was somewhat limited.

After all these years I finally got back to it and got my tech plus (13 wpm first try…:-) in January 2000 followed by the general upgrade in March of that year.

In between – I Flew helicopters in the Coast Guard for about 12 years - stationed in San Diego , Los Angeles , Mobile (back to those Icebreakers) and Pensacola as an instructor. Left the Coast Guard and flew helicopters commercially for several years before finally seeing the light and going back to school to get my undergraduate ('86) and graduate ('88) degrees in Information Systems. Been doing that ever since and am now managing an office at Loyola Marymount University here in LA.

I spend most of my radio time supporting fund raising events and am involved with Disaster Communications in both LA County DCS and LAFD ACS.  I am bicycle mobile (with a mobile radio and 12v battery…:-)  and motorcycle mobile on a Honda Gold Wing and active with MARC.  I’m setup to both tx and rx in APRS and my next projects are to figure out packet and get my code proficiency back up to speed.

Feel free to contact me – e-mail.



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