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Member Profile / Biography 

De Witt Morgan KM6UKDe Witt Morgan, KM6UK 

11 Mar 2002

I was born in Atlanta, Georgia.  I lived in Atlanta, Georgia, until I was about 2 years old, when my family moved to Austell, Georgia, where I went to school. Mostly though, I did a lot of hunting. Having been born in the depression years, hunting was a way of putting extra food on the table. I have eaten many a squirrel. My Dad was an excellent farmer and we grew most of our own food. I have walked many a mile in furrows. 

I thought I was smarter than most other folk, so I quit high school when I was 17, and joined the US Navy. Boy, when you get out into the "real" world, you find out real quick how "dumb" you really are. I started getting an education real quick, and I "ain't" quit yet. 

While I was in the Navy, stationed in San Diego, California, a buddy took me home with him. That "fool" introduced me to Anita Rockey. That was in 1953.  We were married March 13, 1954. I was still in the Navy, and we got to spend a grand total of 18 days together the first year we were married. We will, in a couple of years, celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. 

Upon discharge, I worked for a while for the telephone company, and then I went on to the join job that I loved, and that I worked for 34 years. I joined the LOS ANGELES COUNTY FIRE DEPARTMENT. There I worked on all the different kinds of fire trucks used by the department., and always worked in the busiest stations. I helped put the first Snorkel into service. I even tried arson investigation. (I didn't like that, I'm too action oriented) The last three years of my career, I was a Captain in a 9-1-1 center. Talk about STRESS!!!!! 

Anita and I Live in the same house we have lived in for over 28 years in Mission Viejo, California. We have 3 children, Tim, Jill, and Mike. Tim and Cindi live in San Juan Capistrano, and they have 3 kids, Carrie, who lives with her mother, Patrick, and John. Jill and new husband Brian, live in Mission Viejo, and have 4 kids, Eric, Matthew, Chelsea, and Laci. Mike has a Significant Other, and they have 3 kids, Zac, and Ian, and Ben. That makes 10 grand kids if you are counting. 

Lucky me, I got to be the Lamaze Coach for 4 of my grandchildren, Matthew, Laci, Zac, and Ian. Seeing them be born was one of the highlights of my life. Needless to say, with them all living so close, I see them a LOT.My entire gene pool lives within 10 miles of me. There is NO getting Anita to even think of moving somewhere where there is less traffic. 

While trying to do a charity event on my bike using CB, I became so frustrated with lack of range, that while talking to David Mofford, KA6NLY, I vented. He suggested ham radio mobile. Thus was born, MARC the Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club. (MARC) Ray Davis, KD6FHN, Danny Velderraine, KD6FLP, and I started talking, why not get our ham license, mount a ham radio, and go motorcycle mobile. 

What a change from those first Radio Shack HTX-202's that we had mounted anywhere we could get them to stick. Antenna's ranged from a mag mount stuck and taped to the rear luggage rack, to a suction cup on the windshield. 

I will forever remember the excitement of that first No Code Tech license, having the first MARC meetings, upgrading to Advanced, getting a "real" radio mounted, a Yaesu 2400, 2M. (That one did the USA Four Corners ride) Finally moving on to what I think is the best possible marriage of bike and radio, the Kenwood 742. I say the 742, because after 4 years, and over 200,000 miles, the 741 exposed control head got wet and died. 

Much debate has gone into, "to integrate, or not." Many of us chose "not," because we work so many charity events where non-ham motorcycles also work, and we need the CB at the same time. I many times broadcast on ham and CB at the same time. 

My, how I glow with pride when I look at the growth of MARC. How we thought, "heck, there are probably 10 other guys with radios on their bikes here in Orange County, Ca." Little did we know..... We are now hovering around the 300-member mark, with members all over the world. Members who care, and love MARC as much as I do. 

So come on, join us, lets ride, and I'll be talking to you motorcycle mobile on my YELLOW 2001 GoldWing, which sometimes pulls my YELLOW Bushtec trailer. (My F250 Ford pick up truck is YELLOW also) 

My call sign is KM6UK. Try me on MARC simplex, 144.370



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