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Charles Robles, KF6TXI 
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March 2016

I have been a MARC Member since 2002.  I suppose I have five hobbies, they do not always cooperate and unfortunately they occasionally interfere with each other.  My first hobby was the US Army Reserve.  I was a Command Sergeant Major and Medic, I am still a Medic but am now officially Command Sergeant Major (retired).  I call this a hobby because I enjoyed the service and the friends that it has made for me.  I have 31.5 years between the Active and Reserve components.  I have retired as of December 2006.

My second hobby would be computers.  This is what I actually pay my bills with.  I also enjoy this very much.  The opportunities to teach and support the end users is a great draw for me.  I do all aspects of micro computers, from desktop and application support to networking and file server installation and support.  I support both Novell and Windows Networks and their associated applications such as, GroupWise, Border Manager, and Exchange.  I program routers, gateways and firewalls from all the manufacturers.

The third hobby, and these are in no particular order, is my 2006 Black Honda Gold Wing, named "Stealth".  This is my toy and it is a pleasure to work with it and use it.  I enjoy the events and community service that I have been able to participate in with the MC.  I am well versed with GPS(s) and this model contains the Honda GPS and ABS brakes.  I routinely teach land navigation using Map, Compass and GPS.  

The fourth would be Ham Radio.  I have been a ham since 11/98.  I hold a General rating and the call sign is KF6TXI.  At present I use the radio in the Car, the Motorcycle, and the home.  Occasionally, I will use it while pedestrian mobile.  I use the APRS call signs of KF6TXI-xx to denote the particular application, -9 for Pedestrian, -10 for MC, -12 for Jeep.  My radios are a Kenwood D710A and Yaesu FT8100 at home.  The Jeep and the MC each have a Kenwood D700A.  I also have a bunch of HTs including Kenwood D7A(G), Kenwood F6A, Yaesu VX7, and FT50.

Finally, the fifth hobby would be dancing.  I am an excellent ballroom, swing, latin and argentine tango dancer.  I have spent a lot of time learning and practicing dancing while holding my partner.  It is a great joy.

My reason for joining MARC and remaining a member is the friendship and the service to the community.  The MARC Members are all excellent people to know and I would encourage anyone reading this to come to our meetings, talk to us over our nets and join.

Charles (KF6TXI)


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