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Mijo Reynolds, KF6BEB
50-50 & Door Prize Coordinator

September 15, 2009

     My name is Marie-Josčphe, or Mijo, as I prefer to be called.  My call is KF6BEB.  I am the 50-50 person at our monthly MARC Meetings and also help to coordinate our door prize giveaways and "Special Drawings".

     I was born in St. Mihiel France.  I met John, my husband, when he was stationed there, about a mile from our home.  We were married in 1966 and have two children.

     Our daughter Jean, a graduate of Cal State University San Bernardino and Loyola School of Law is a Research Attorney with the Fourth District Court of Appeals in Riverside California.

     Our son John C., graduated from Cal State University San Bernardino in December 1998.  In the early spring of 1999 (still winter there) he traveled to France to visit his grandmother and family.  While in Europe he toured extensively visiting 21 different countries.  John is a Systems Analyst for the Veterans Affairs Office in San Bernardino County.

     I am a 1992 graduate of Cal State University, San Bernardino and a retired French teacher.  I taught French at Rialto High School for 15 years and worked for the Rialto School district for a total of 29 years.

Mijo Reynolds, KF6BEB


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