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Member Profile / Biography 

MACY Family,  Long Beach, CA  

Butch Macy, KD6VBO  
Carolyn Macy, KE6JWD  
Cal Macy, KD6JPH  
Carey Macy, KE6JWE  
Chris Macy, KD6VBP 


The Macy family from Long Beach California are long time motorcycle enthusiasts and ham operators. Butch KD6VBO, wife Carolyn KE6JWD, twin sons Chris KD6VBP and Carey KE6JWE have a large stable of "motorcycle mobiles": 
  • 1997 Honda Gold Wing SE with a Kenwood tri-bander;     
  • 1983 Honda Gold Wing Interstate Full Dress with a Yaesu 470 dual bander and 50 watt booster; 
  • 1974 Honda 750 K4 (Carolyn and Butch met on that bike); and    
  • Two dirt bikes.

Sounds like Mom and Dad are in competition with Chris and Carey over who gets to ride the Wings. Chris was just recently accepted to UCLA and Carey to UC Irvine upon graduation this year from High School. 


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