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Member Profile / Biography 

Jim Rodriguez, KC6OAU 
MARC Member

May 9, 2007

I graduated high school in June 1979, joined the Air Force in June as a diesel engine mechanic.  I ended up in the “Refueling Maintenance Shop”, which is basically maintaining the 5,000 gal fuel trucks that fuel the aircraft on the flight line.  It was lots of fun, and I learned a lot about the fuel systems.  I spent 8 years active duty going around the world, for Uncle Sam, to different bases, playing with fuel trucks.  Learned a lot about what I DID have, from people who DIDN’T have.  Anyway, it was a great growing up experience.  

I was discharged from the Air Force in October of 1987, moved out to southern cal. to live with my brother.  Lived with him, till he got hitched, GEEZ, :), left me out in the cold, ha ha!!  By that time, I was dating my wife, Susan.  Back to her in a minute….

Discharged from the A.F. in 1987, I kind of missed the camaraderie of the military, sooooo, my dad, convinced me to join the Air Guard, my active duty time would all count for retirement, so I did.  BEST advice I ever got.  Joined the Air Guard in Costa Mesa, by the O.C. fairgrounds.  Worked for them, as a civilian, for 13 years, in the vehicle maintenance shop, maintaining the fleet.  So IF you ever go south on the 55 Freeway, just north of the fairgrounds, just look to your right, you may notice a large log periodic horizontally polarized 13 element antenna just above the tree line, that’s us.  We are a satellite, wideband mobile communications unit.  AND, just in case your wondering, YES, that log periodic antenna used to belong to Senator Barry Coldwater.  It is 80 ft high, mounted on a tri-mast, about 3 ft in diameter, and it talks great.  We don’t use it anymore, unless there is a natural disaster.  Anyway, we have a fleet of army trucks that we transport mobile radio, satellite gear out to anywhere in the world, set up shop and play radio, kind of like ham “field day”.  Sooo, I was retired, by the guard in 2003.  And yes, I will get a retirement when I’m 62….: )

Now, back to Susan.  Met her about 9 years ago, at the country dance hall that I frequent.  She came with a friend of hers (female type  : ), and the rest is history, couldn’t get rid of her, so I married her, ha ha!!  We have no children, well ok, 2 cats, sambo, the male, boo boo (angel), the female.

Anyway, I have now joined the “Operating Engineers”, which in my view, is a fancy title for “heavy equipment operator” ha ha!!  Anyway, I am currently working on my crane certification.  Soooo, eventually I will be “operating” those “big erector sets”(Cranes), you see when a TALL building is being built.  If you’re afraid of heights, it’s not for you.

I have been riding since 1980.  I started with a 1981 Kawasaki 440ltd, street cruiser, back in Abilene, Texas.  Actually, I started with a 10 speed bicycle.  I installed a carrier rack, put a m/c battery on it, and mounted a Radio Shack 40 channel AM CB on the handlebars, with a 6 ft Firestik antenna mounted off the back of the rear sprocket.  HEY!!, don’t laugh, talked to station in Midland, Tx., about 150 miles away, one afternoon, while riding back to the barracks from work.  Then, in 1983, got orders to Holloman AFB, in New Mexico, upgraded to a 1983 Kawasaki 750ltd, same as the 440ltd, but bigger.  Turned them both into dressers.  In 1985, while still in New Mexico, upgraded to my first used ’85 Goldwing, it was burgundy, had 130 miles on it.  Put 133,000 miles on it.  Great bike, although I did replace the stator on it (4) times.  I still like the style of that bike better that any of the newer Goldwings I’ve owned. I then upgraded to a shiny new blue 1992 Aspencade.  I rode it across country to attend the N.C.O. Academy in the state of Tennessee, where I had a rear tire blowout, at 75 miles an hour, it fishtailed on me and we rolled a few times, totaled it. Other than a few cuts and bruises, I was very lucky.  It had about 97,000 miles on it.  Got my last Goldwing in 1995. Put about 70,000 miles on it before I “upgraded” ha ha ha!! to my  current 2005, black H.D. Ultra Classic.  Always wanted a Harley.  It ain’t no Goldwing, but I love it. Yes, I do have radio gear on it.  I am currently running a Yaesu 8100 mobile on it.  The head display is on the top of the batwing dashboard, and the rest of it is in the trunk, along with the APRS gear (Tinytrak 3), thanks to Ray & Chuck.  Both are attached to the fiberglass inner lining, by velcro, that bolts to the trunk.  Both APRS & rhino killer (Comet HP32FHN), are mounted on the carrier rack.  Also have a neat set of strobe lights that are mounted on the front & back of the motorcycle, when I work the various charity events.

I have been a member of MARC, since it’s beginning.  I’m not really a club type of guy, but I have NEVER worked with a better bunch of folks than those of the MARC family.  They are both friendly & professional…

GEEZ, that’s a lot of typing, I guess that’s it for me…….see ya down the road…..


          Jim Rodrigues KC6OAU

Pictures of the Ham and APRS instalation in the HD Ultra Classic


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