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MARC monthly club meetings are normally held the 2nd Saturday each month.  Exceptions may occur when we provide communications at a charity event scheduled for the 2nd Saturday.  Last minute schedule updates or changes will be published via e-mail.  

Talk-in is MARC simplex 144.370, PL100.  

MARC monthly club meetings are held the 2nd Saturday each month.   Meeting starts at 8:00 A.M. sharp HomeTown Buffet, 1008 E 17th Street, Santa Ana, California.  Breakfast or Coffee must be purchased by all attendees, this is a requirement of the HomeTown Buffett not MARC.   When the gavel falls and the meeting comes to order ... you're either there or you're late!!  

Breakfast is available (in fact, required by the restaurant in order to use the room!!).  The food is very good.  MARC members visiting the southern California area on meeting day won't want to miss one of these really great meals while attending our monthly meeting!!! 

A note on the Restaurant and the requirement to purchase breakfast:  Restaurants rarely allow use of their private rooms without a charge.  These charges range from $100 to $500.  In the case of the HomeTown Buffett, they want $100 if the members do not purchase breakfast.  By - the - way, it can also be drinks (coffee, juices and such).  So in order to use the room for out meeting the attendees must purchase drinks or breakfast.  Please - If you have a restaurant available for our meetings that does not charge for the room the MARC Board is very interested.

From the Ca-55 freeway, exit west on 17th street, it is about 2 miles, before I-5 on the left after the Railroad tracks.  From I-5 exit east on 17th street, it is only a block or two on the right.

On Other Saturdays:  
Each Saturday morning when there is no club meeting, many members gather at Huntington Honda, 1 Block south of Slater on Beach in Huntington Beach, CA at about 9 AM to whatever time possibly through lunch at Woody's "50's Style" Restaurant (7871 Warner, Huntington Beach, CA 1 block west of Beach on Warner).  

Look for the guys in their MARC attire.  (P.S.  Donuts and coffee are FREE!!)  

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